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Discover The Training Frequency Hack
That Gets Men Over 40 Jacked!
What if I told you that almost everything you’ve been taught about how to naturally build muscle after 40 has been wrong.
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Hi, coach Scott here at your service.

During your search to discover the ultimate muscle building program, you may have noticed that training frequency has become the most highly debated and controversial topic in the fitness industry.

...A battle between body part split routines and high frequency training. 
Both claiming that their approach is the best for building a rock solid and chiseled physique.

And guess what? They're both wrong!

Now in this information packed article you’re going to discover why the common stuff you’ve been taught about how often you should train each muscle group is the key factor that has been limiting your muscle growth.

You will cut through the confusion and overwhelm while uncovering the truth about how to optimize your training frequency so you can maximize your muscle gains after 40.

In the process you will also find out how to avoid the costly mistake most guys make when changing their training frequency.

If you make this mistake it will be detrimental to building your muscular and aesthetic physique after 40.

You’ll also discover 3 advanced muscle building tactics for maximum muscle stimulation that when used properly in your workouts, unleashes muscle gains from fibers that often go untouched in most muscle building programs.

Now, if you’re ready to take your physique to the next level...

Building rock solid aesthetic muscle that commands respect.

You need to pay close attention and carefully read every word of this report all the way through to the end.
If This 45 Year Old With Crappy Genetics
Can Carve Out A Muscular And Aesthetic Physique, So Can You!
You’re about to get an insider look into the exact “Frequency Hack” I used to finally build an impressive physique that fools Muscle Mag publishers into thinking that I’m much more muscular than what the scale reveals.

Resulting in features like you see here in IronMan magazine… 
Now if a guy like me, a natural bodybuilder in his 40's with some of the crappiest genetics in the world can have his physique featured in fitness magazines…

…You better believe that you can sculpt a ripped and muscular body worthy of being featured in them as well.
You see, I grew up a scrawny kid. Your typical hardgainer, busting his butt in the gym with little to show for it.

At 19 years old, after five years of following all the common muscle building advice, I weighed in at a measly 123 pounds.
I had built up a bit of muscle, but I still felt average and frustrated with the slow muscle gains.

Then things got worse.

You’ve probably heard the typical hardgainer advice to EAT BIG!

Well after putting it to the test I soon found out just how quickly and easily I could gain fat as I ballooned up from 123 pounds to 190 pounds.

Almost all of it directly deposited as fat around what you may have referred to as the ‘spare tire’.
As you could imagine, this is the worst kind of crappy genetics you could ever ask for.

Not only is it a struggle for me to gain muscle, but I gain fat way too easy as well.

When you have crappy genetics like me, you have to squeeze every ounce of potential from your training.

Everything has to be 100% optimized in order to maximize the muscle building benefits from every workout.

As you’re about to see, this is where typical muscle building advice falls short and holds most physique artists like you back from achieving the muscular physique they desire.

First, let’s take a look at training frequency…
What The Research Reveals About
The Optimal Training Frequency
When you review the large body of research, you’ll see the overwhelming evidence suggest that the optimal training frequency is anywhere from once every 5 days up to 3 times per week, with twice per week showing the strongest support. 

You’ll notice how it’s not a single training frequency that’s best. It’s an optimal range for you to work with.

Now if you’re like me, you grew up reading muscle mags where most of the workouts were body part split routines that had you training a muscle group once every 7 days.

Do you notice how that type of programming doesn’t fall into the optimal training frequency range?

It may work for the pharmaceutically enhanced genetic freaks in these muscle mags, but for a bro over 40 like you, it leaves potential muscle gains on the gym floor.

Now in recent years you may have noticed a backlash against this type of body part split routine and a shift toward high frequency training.

The popularity of high frequency training has grown thanks to a Norwegian study that revealed superior benefits when you perform full body workouts 6 days per week.

Now that’s super-high frequency training! 

But he truth is, there are a variety of high frequency training routines you can perform.

The most popular being three full body workouts per week. But you can also perform a variety of upper/lower or push/pull/leg splits that have you training each muscle 2-3 times per week.

There’s also a variety of body part split routines you can perform. Most of which have you training each body part once every 4-5 days. Some even have you training each muscle twice per week.

Now let’s dig a bit deeper into the impact training frequency has on building your muscular and aesthetic physique.
Why Training Frequency Matters
For Building Your Best Body
At the heart of the controversy between body part split routines and high frequency training is the muscle building process called Muscle Protein Synthesis (MPS).

During your workout you are in a process of Muscle Protein Breakdown (MPB). After your workout when the muscle protein breakdown has finished, MPS skyrockets and remains elevated for approximately 24-48 hours in novice lifters or 12-16 hours in advanced lifters.

Now that’s the common stuff you’ll see taught and it’s what many workout programs are based on. As you’ll see it’s why they are leaving serious results on the table.

Here’s where things get interesting.

MPS is regulated by the myonuclei within your muscle fibers. The number of myonuclei within the muscle fiber is a strong determinant in how big your muscles can grow.
The great news is that you can add more myonuclei to your muscle fibers by causing substantial muscle damage through high volume workouts.

This is crucial for your long term muscle gains, because the more myonuclei within your muscle, the greater potential your muscle has for growth.

Now that may have been a bit technical, but here’s where you will makes sense of it all.

This is where you will discover why it’s wrong to think that either Body Part Split Routines or High Frequency Training are the best for building a muscular and aesthetic physique.
Pros and Cons of High Frequency Training
The main benefit of high frequency training is that you spike MPS and the muscle building process more often throughout the week.

The downside of high frequency training is that you need to reduce the amount of muscle damage that occurs with each workout in order to allow you to recover before your next workout.

These lower volume workouts won’t cause the amount of damage necessary to add more myonuclei to the muscle fibers.

Therefore, with high frequency training your growth is limited to the current number of myonuclei in your muscle fibers.
Pros and Cons of Body Part Split Routines
The main benefit of body part split training is that it allows you to perform higher volume workouts, adding more myonuclei to the muscle fibers.

The downside of body part split routines is that the higher volume workouts require more rest between workouts. The longer rest won’t allow you to spike MPS and the muscle building process as often, which will limit your growth potential.

As you can see, both high frequency training and body part split routines have their pros and cons.

You can also see that if you get stuck thinking that either body part split routines or high frequency training is better than the other, you are leaving serious muscle gains on the gym floor.
"The truth is, if you want to optimize your training and gain the maximum benefits from your workouts, you must strategically periodize your training frequencies."
That’s how a bro over 40 like yourself will maximize your muscle gains!

My physique has improved more during the past 5 years following a periodized frequency approach then it did during the previous 20 years of bodybuilding.

Without drugs and without wasting my hard earned money on useless supplements.
Same goes for my lightweight workout partner Rick who is 54 years old and in the best shape of his life.
Rick thought his days of gaining muscle were behind him. But since periodizing our training frequency he’s been making steady lean gains.
Again, without drugs, without hormone replacement therapy, and without breaking the bank on supplements.

Frequency can be a potent training variable in building your muscular and aesthetic physique. Especially, when you’ve neglected to change it over the years.

Trouble is, manipulating your training frequency is easier said than done.
The Biggest Challenge Most Guys Face
When Changing Your Training Frequency
The biggest challenge I see most men over 40 like you face when changing training frequency is managing muscle damage and recovery.

When changing your training frequency you need to adjust your training volume and intensity accordingly.

First, let’s take a look at training volume, which is the most important factor in building a muscular and aesthetic physique.

Training Volume

Training volume is defined as (weight lifted x sets x reps)

It’s important for you to view your training volume from both a weekly and per workout perspective.

If all you’ve ever done is body part splits and you’re used to annihilating your muscles once a week, it can be a challenge for you to dial back the volume per workout when switching to a higher frequency plan.

It’s a mindset thing more than anything. If you aren’t hobbling around for days after a leg workout you may feel like you didn’t train hard enough.

But if you maintain this mentality with a higher frequency training plan the muscle damage will be too much for you to recover from before the next workout.

You’ll be breaking the muscle down again, before the rebuilding process has been completed. This is absolutely detrimental to building the muscular and aesthetic physique you desire.

What you need to realize is that you end up getting in the same or potentially more total volume at the end of the week when you increase your frequency intelligently.

Adjusting training volume and frequency while managing recovery really is a delicate balancing act that requires a keen sense of awareness.

This is where the help from an experienced Physique Coach, like myself will really pay off.

Here’s a short and simple guideline for optimizing training volume…
Optimized Training Volume Guidelines
  • You will want to aim for training each muscle with 40-70 reps two to three times per week.
  • If you’re following a higher frequency plan, where you’re training each muscle more than 2-3 times per week you’ll have to reduce the number of reps you train each muscle per workout.
  • If you are following a lower frequency plan you can train each muscle with more than 70 reps per workout.
Gradually increasing your training volume over time is key to the long term growth and improvement of your physique.

Now the second important factor you must adjust accordingly when fluctuating frequency is training intensity.
Training Intensity

Here we’re talking about intensity measured in the percentage of weight lifted, not intensity measured in how hard you push yourself during a workout.

Lifting heavy weight creates a great deal of muscle tension while causing neurological adaptations with your body. This helps you recruit more muscle fibers in future workouts.

The strength gains that you experience from lifting heavy weight are definitely a key contributor to your long term growth and physique improvement. 

Trouble is, lifting heavy can put a strain on your nervous system when performed frequently and can really beat your body up while increasing the risk of injury.

Training for the pump in the moderate rep range causes metabolic adaptations. These adaptations promote growth of both fast twitch type II muscle fibers and slow twitch type I muscle fibers.

Trouble is, training for the pump in the moderate rep range causes muscle damage, which often leads to muscle soreness. When performed frequently your recovery won’t be sufficient and your training will suffer.

A good approach is to rotate between heavy and moderate lifting days. A smarter approach is to add in some light days where you train in the higher rep range.

Training in the higher rep range causes cellular adaptations, which increases the amount of fluid in the muscle cell. This is known as sarcoplasmic hypertrophy, which makes your muscles look fuller.

High rep training may seem useless to some guys, but resent research has revealed that high rep training is just as effective for muscle growth as low rep training.

Plus, the more often you train a muscle group, the more useful high rep training becomes for managing your recovery. 

This is where advanced high rep muscle building tactics come in handy and can take your physique to the next level.
3 Advanced Muscle Building Tactics
For Maximum Muscle Stimulation
Advances in natural bodybuilding research are rapidly being published in the scientific journals every month. Among that research are cutting edge muscle building tactics that are producing superior results.

A properly designed aesthetic muscle building program geared toward men over 40 like you, utilizes a variety of advanced training techniques to squeeze every ounce of growth from every muscle fiber in your body.

One such method was discovered by researchers 20 years ago where muscle growth increased by over 300% in just 28 days. Unfortunately, bodybuilding research was not of much importance back then and these results were ignored. 

It wasn't until 2014 when this advanced muscle building tactic was studied in trained bodybuilders who experienced double the muscle gains as illustrated in this graph;
This advanced muscle building tactic is called...
  • Intraset Stretch Dropsets
There are a limited number of exercises that you can perform this advanced and unorthodox muscle building tactic with.

Perform an exercise for 15 reps. On the 15th rep hold the stretch portion of the movement for 30 seconds. Reduce the weight and immediately perform a second set. Once again holding the stretch on the last rep for 30 seconds. Reduce the weight and immediately perform a third set, holding the 30 second stretch on the final rep. Reduce the weight and immediately perform a fourth set. Reduce the weight immediately perform your 5th and final set.

Here's an example using the Calve Press.
The second little-known advanced muscle building tactic is called...
  • Myo-Reps
Myo-Reps allow you to use a lighter load while taking advantage of the primary mechanisms necessary for muscle growth; mechanical load, increasing fiber recruitment and maintaining it at a high level to get more “effective” reps, increasing the muscle sensitivity to the growth stimulus via metabolic stress, modulated by the volume effect (total sets and reps) and doing more work in less time.

Perform an activation set of 15 reps. Rest for 5 seconds. Each set afterward is referred to as a Myo-rep set, where your goal is to hit 5 reps for as many sets as you can. When you can no longer hit that target rep, the exercise is complete.

Here's an example using the Leg Press.
Now not all advanced muscle building tactics are new and cutting edge. Many of them are old school with a proven track record of building the best physiques we’ve seen to date.

One such old school tactic is...
  • 8 Sets Of 8
Perform an exercise for 8 reps. Rest for prescribed amount of time. Repeat for a total of 8 sets. In order to get through all 8 sets you should select a weight which is approximately 60% of what you would typically lift for 8 reps. The first 4 sets will feel pretty easy. By the 5th and 6th reps you should be starting to feel fatigued. The 7th and 8th set should be killer. You should be able to complete the 8th rep of the 8th set and have nothing left in the tank to perform a 9th rep.

Here's an example using the Trap Bar Deadlift.
These advanced high rep muscle building tactics allow you to use a lighter weight while maximizing your muscle growth potential..
"If you want to manage muscle damage and recovery while optimizing your training so not a single muscle fiber goes untouched you must strategically rotate your rep ranges."
Now this was a lot of information for you to absorb, so let’s do a quick little recap...
  • Now you understand why training frequency is such a potent variable in building your muscular and aesthetic physique.
  • You understand that you are leaving serious muscle gains on the gym floor if your aren’t fluctuating frequency properly.
  •  You also understand the importance of managing muscle damage and recovery when fluctuating frequency. Screwing this up is detrimental to your muscle growth and may even cause muscle loss.
  •  You understand that all rep ranges serve a purpose and that neglecting any one of them sacrifices muscle gains.
  •  You also discovered 3 advanced muscle building tactics that you can immediately put into practice.
  •  And finally you understand that when training frequency is strategically fluctuated your muscle gains will be AMPlified… especially during the next 16 weeks.
And as you’ve seen, this unique combination of training frequencies, intensities, and advanced muscle building tactics allowed me be build a physique worthy of being featured in popular muscle mags.

It also allows my workout partners who are in their 50’s to continue building and improving their physiques year after year.

Now I want to help you experience these same results with a system I’ve put together called AMP… the Aesthetic Muscle Plan.

The Aesthetic Muscle Plan will AMPlify the muscle growth you experience from every workout by unleashing your body’s complete and full genetic potential.

What makes this different from any muscle building program you’ve ever read about or followed is the 3-AMP Method, which is a unique combination of training frequencies, intensities, and advanced muscle building tactics…

…To ensure that not a single muscle fiber goes untouched

…To strategically create wave after wave of muscle protein synthesis spikes, keeping your growth signals turned on 24-7…

…and to intelligently annihilate your muscles, forcing the addition of more myonuclei, which AMPlifies your growth potential.

It’s all backed by research and time-tested in the trenches by men over 40 just like you.

Now this isn’t a generic 4-week muscle building plan that leaves you hanging at the end. Wondering what to do next. Searching for another 4-week plan and hoping that it compliments the one you just followed.

This is a complete 16-week advanced muscle building system with 4 unique phases placed in a strategic order. Each phase feeding off the momentum of the previous one to exponentially increase your muscle growth.

You won’t find anything else like AMP on the market. No other muscle building program is fluctuating frequency in a way that varies the spikes in muscle protein synthesis and strategically times the addition of myonuclei to your muscles.

Now when you reflect on everything we’ve covered throughout this ‘Frequency Hack’ series, it’s easy to see why most muscle building programs don’t deliver on their promise and also the reason why you haven’t been experiencing the kind of muscle gains you deserve.

It’s important to note that this is for men over 40 who are sick and tired of busting their butts off in the gym with little to show for it…

…Men over 40 who were dealt a pretty crappy genetic hand but want to unleash their complete and full muscular potential…

…Men over 40 who are frustrated with the contradicting and misleading information that plagues the fitness industry…

…Men over 40 who view fitness as a lifestyle and want to continue working out for the long-term…

…Men over 40 who want to feel proud of their physique and the work they’ve put into building it. Viewing their body as a chiseled work of art.

Men over 40 like Nelson and Pete.
Now if that describes you, then the Aesthetic Muscle Plan is for you.

However, if that doesn’t describe you. If you’re looking for a quick fix or some gimmick to get you jacked while you sleep or with minimal effort. Then I recommend you stop this video and leave the page right now because this is not for you.

But if you’re ready to dedicate the next 16 weeks to unleashing your genetic potential and AMPlifying your aesthetic muscle gains with a proven system that’s backed by science, let’s explore exactly what you’re in for.
In The Aesthetic Muscle Plan you get a
16-week muscle building system strategically designed to AMPlify your muscle gains after 40 in 3 unique ways:
First — your training frequency is varied from one phase to the next.
This means you will take advantage of both the frequent spikes in muscle protein synthesis as well as the addition of myonuclei to your muscles.

Remember, the downfall of most programs on the market is that they either focus solely on spiking muscle protein synthesis with high frequency workouts or solely on the production of more myonuclei with high volume workouts. Both approaches leave series results on the table.

But with a strategic combination of training frequencies your body becomes a muscle building machine.

Second — your training volume and intensity is varied to ensure that you manage muscle damage and recovery. 

Get this wrong and you run the risk of losing muscle. Get it right and you’ll experience your maximum muscle growth potential.

Third — your combination of advanced muscle building tactics ensure that not a single muscle fiber goes untouched.

Most muscle building products on the market focus on a single advanced muscle building tactic. They see a new piece of research come out glorifying the tactic and they milk it for everything it’s worth. They make it sound like it’s the one missing piece you’ve been looking for.

But the truth is, there is an abundance of advanced muscle building tactics you can use. And when strategically combined together they will AMPlify your aesthetic muscle gains after 40 while making your workouts exciting and enjoyable.

Now let’s pull back the curtain so you can see the big picture outlook of the strategically designed and powerfully effective Aesthetic Muscle Plan and how it applies the unique 3-AMP Method…

As you already know, the Aesthetic Muscle Plan is a 16 week muscle building system consisting of 4 unique phases. Each phase lasts for 4 weeks. And Each phase feeds off the previous one to AMPlify your aesthetic muscle gains.
Phase 1: Low Frequency Apocalypse
With this phase your sole purpose is to cause a great amount of muscle damage, forcing your muscles to add more myonuclei, which increases your growth potential.

Remember, it’s the myonuclei that regulate muscle protein synthesis. The more myonuclei you have, the greater potential your muscles have for growth.

You’ll face a multitude of advanced muscle building tactics in phase 4. All strategically and uniquely arranged in a way that guarantees you add more myonuclei to your muscles.

After you complete phase 1 you begin the process of spiking muscle protein synthesis more often while taking advantage of the added myonuclei in your muscles.
Phase 2: High Frequency Primer
This is your muscles introduction to frequent spikes in muscle protein system. For some, this will be a complete shock to your system and your muscles will thrive from the frequent stimulation producing bursts in muscle size.

And because this is such a shock to your muscles you’ll strategically vary between low, high, and moderate rep ranges to ensure adequate recovery so you’re not just breaking your muscles down all time… you’re also repairing and building them even bigger and stronger.

This will also be your introduction to one of the most cutting edge and advanced muscle building tactics we’ve seen in a long time. This is going to tap into muscle fibers that you never knew you had.
Phase 3: Super High Frequency Shock’n Awe
Admittedly, this was a huge step outside the comfort zone the first time I went through this phase. It was unlike any method of training I had ever tried before.

Here you will experience elevated levels of muscle protein synthesis throughout the entire 4 week phase.

After your muscles have been exposed to higher frequency training during Phase 2 they are primed for the heavy dose it’s about to encounter in Phase 3.

With this super high frequency training it is crucially important to manage muscle damage and recovery. You can’t get too fancy with a plan like this. It’s most effective in it’s simplicity.

And the timing of the advanced muscle building tactic in Phase 3 is absolutely critical.

Other super high frequency plans have a tendency to run you into the ground and often lead to injury.

But when you strategically vary the low, moderate, and high rep training days while inserting an advanced muscle building tactic at the appropriate time, you will always feel ‘fresh’ and eager for more.
Phase 4: Moderate Frequency Acclimation
Here you will dial back the frequency to something that you may be more accustomed to. You will still spike muscle protein synthesis often, but you’ll also be increasing the amount of muscle damage during each workout.

You’ll also experience two of the most powerful advanced muscle building tactics working in tandem. The muscle cell swelling and growth response you experience from this combination is out of this world.
As you can see, unlike other muscle building plans that work in the short term and give you a snapshot of what it takes to build a muscular and aesthetic physique…

…The Aesthetic Muscle Plan is a system that takes a big picture approach with unique phases built and strategically placed to AMPlify your aesthetic muscle gains after 40.

By following the Aesthetic Muscle Plan you will:

- Increase Strength and muscle endurance.

- AMPlify aesthetic muscle gains.

- Sculpt a symmetrical and detailed physique.

- Build dense, ROCK solid aesthetic muscle.

- Develop fuller muscle bellies.

- Experience AMP’d up enthusiasm thanks to the incredible training variety.

NOTE: These insanely effective workouts are strategically designed to be used in a gym. These are not home workouts that can be done with just dumbbells.

Each individual phase of the Aesthetic Muscle Plan sells for $100 at my local gym. This complete 16-week body recomposition system is a true $400 value.

Personal Training Clients pay me $1260 to put them through each of the 21 workouts once. And some have paid $3840 to work with them every step of the way throughout the 16 week system.

But don’t worry. You’re not going to have to pay my personal training rates, nor will have to pay the $400 that AMP goes for at my gym.

Before we get to the price...
Let’s take a look at what else you’ll receive when you invest in the Aesthetic Muscle Plan today
AMP Follow Along Workout Videos ($47 value)
This is your backstage pass to observe the proper way to perform the exercises and workouts within the Aesthetic Muscle Plan.

The proper execution of each exercise will ensure that you are maximally activating your target muscles to AMPlify your aesthetic muscle gains.

I recommend that you watch the videos at home on your computer before you hit the gym, so you stay laser focused during your workouts.

But you can also download them onto your phone just incase you need a quick reminder about the optimal form for an exercise.
AMP Workout Log Sheets ($27 value)
The Aesthetic Muscle Plan includes printable workout sheets where you will track your progress during your transformation. Ensuring that you achieve the BEST results possible.

These workout printouts are one of the greatest tools to keep you ultra focused while you train.

They are in pdf format, can be printed out, and can be downloaded onto your phone as well.

You could find generic workout log sheets on the Internet for anywhere between $10-20, but even those workout logs are not specific with my unique combination of training frequency, intensities, and advanced muscle building tactics.
AMP'd Up Cardio ($27 value)
Performing the wrong type and dose of cardio will interfere with your muscle gains. However, performing synergized cardio in the optimal frequency will AMPlify your gains while keeping the fat at bay.

When you optimize your cardio training plan, your performance during your weight training sessions will dramatically improve. Waste products, such as lactic acid will easily be removed from your working muscles and nutrients will be rapidly shuttled to your recovering muscle post workout to help them rebuild faster.

This is why cardio is much more than just a tool to help you burn calories. It’s just as important for muscle building as well.

It will also enhance your overall lifestyle. Providing you with the energy and vitality to live life to the fullest.

The truth is, if you want to optimize your training and AMPlify the muscle building benefits from your workouts, you must strategically perform the proper cardio techniques in the correct doses.

With the AMP Cardio book you get the exact cardio routines I use to accelerate my aesthetic muscle gains.
AMP’d Up Nutrition Guidelines and Sample Meals ($47 value)
Experience LEAN muscle gains and fuel your muscle building lifestyle by following the simple AMP’d up nutrition guidelines.

Your first step will be to enter your details into our customized muscle building calorie calculator. This will tell you the adequate amount of food you need to consume in order to experience lean muscle gains.
From here we can customize your food intake based on your current level of leanness and genetic predisposition.

With your simple and easy to follow nutrition guidelines in place you will then begin to build your complete meal plan based off the sample meals provided in the book.

Breakfast meals fit for a king.

Pre-workout meals that will flood nitrates into your blood stream giving you the sickest pumps ever.

The probiotic qualities of this pre-workout super-meal will AMPlify the absorption of nutrients from every food you eat throughout the day.

The saying goes, “You are what you absorb.” Just because you’re eating quality food, doesn’t mean you’re absorbing all of the nutrients. This pre-workout super-meal will guarantee that your muscle soak up every drop of growth inducing nutrients from every bite of food you take.

You’ll also get to build your muscle building meal plan with my favourite post-workout meals. These meals will immediately get to work, repairing and building your muscles at a rapid rate.

The muscle building dinners you get to choose from are absolutely mouth watering and add variety to your nutrition menu.

And we can’t forget the energy packed snacks to keep your performance sky high throughout the day.
Total retail value of the Aesthetic Muscle Plan is $548.00

But you heard me state earlier, your investment in the Aesthetic Muscle Plan will only be a fraction of the retail value.

When you act today, you will get your hands on AMP… the only muscle building program of it’s kind… strategically designed with a unique combination of training frequencies, intensities, and advanced training tactics… for only $39.95.

For going through my video series, you get access to that special introductory price that isn't available anywhere else. It's essentially $451 in savings (83% off the retail value).

The reason for your steep discount is that I want to get the Aesthetic Muscle Plan in the hands of as many guys just like you, so you can experience the same AMPlified muscle growth that myself, my workout partners, and hundreds of others have experienced.

It pains me to see so many guys leaving potential muscle gains on the gym floor. By offering AMP only to the members of my small town gym, the number of guys that could experience the type of explosive muscle growth AMP delivers is limited.

But by offering AMP in digital format it cuts my costs while making this unique and advanced muscle building system accessible to nearly every guy around the world.

When you think about it, your investment in this 16 week muscle building system is less than 70 cents per day. It’s less than what you would spend on a tub of protein powder.

And as you heard earlier, the money you’ll save on useless supplements in the first month alone will cover your investment in AMP today.

And the beauty is that AMP is a complete muscle building system that keeps on giving, because each phase feeds off each other and the 4 phase system can be repeated often.

It’s worth repeating again…

You won’t find anything like the Aesthetic Muscle Plan on the market with the unique combination of training frequencies, intensities and advanced muscle building tactics.
Download the 16-Week AMP Program Today and Start Maximizing Your Muscles Gains Tomorrow
Here's what you'll get:
  •  AMP 16 week workout system ($400 value)
  •  AMP Follow Along Workout Videos ($47 value)
  •  AMP Workout Log Sheets ($27 value)
  •  AMP’d Up Cardio ($27 value)
  •  AMP’d Up Nutrition Guidelines and Sample Meals ($47 value)
Total retail value of the Aesthetic Muscle Plan is $548.
Get access to everything today for only $39.95
60 Money Back Guarantee
The AMP 60-Day Guarantee
If you are not at all satisfied with the program, I'll give you ALL of your money back. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
When you access your AMP private members portal here’s what I would like you to do:

Print off the workout log sheets for Phase 1 or download them to your phone.

Watch the follow along videos so you can see each muscle building tactic in action and learn how to execute each exercise with optimal form to ensure AMPlified muscle stimulation.

Head to the gym and experience the incredible PUMP that comes from applying the advanced training tactics.

Look ahead to Phase 2, 3, & 4. See how each phase is strategically placed to feed off each other and AMPlify your muscle growth.

Notice how it’s not just a plan… it’s a journey… an adventure really. As you step into new muscle building territory that you’ve never experienced before.

Now within the first 60 days of following the Aesthetic Muscle Plan to the best of your abilities, if you are not at all satisfied with the program, I'll give you ALL of your money back.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

You risk absolutely nothing when you invest in the Aesthetic Muscle Plan with our 60 day 100% money back guarantee.

Put the Aesthetic Muscle Plan to the test. Give it everything you've got and experience the results you deserve!

Build ROCK solid aesthetic muscle, and witness first hand, the excitement of unleashing your complete and full genetic potential!

You will not only be satisfied, but I guarantee you will be thrilled, motivated, and inspired, or you can simply send me an email asking for a prompt and courteous, no hassles, no questions asked refund.

In fact, if for any reason at all, you are not totally satisfied, then I insist that you ask me for a refund.

I want you to build your BEST body EVER by applying the incredibly effective strategies in the Aesthetic Muscle Plan and become a success story so other men can be inspired by YOU.

When you complete the 16-week AMP system, email me your story so you can be an inspiration to everyone out there.

You owe it to yourself to at least try the Aesthetic Muscle Plan and prove to yourself that you truly are capable of building a muscular and aesthetic physique!
"Everything You Need To Immediately Begin Building Your Best Body Ever Is Waiting For You Inside The Aesthetic Muscle Plan!"
With the Aesthetic Muscle Plan you have a complete step by step blueprint to follow. No guesswork. No frustration. This system includes;
  • Done For You Workout Program to build ROCK solid muscle with chiseled details.
  • Follow-along videos to ensure AMPlified muscle stimulation.
  • Log sheets to track your muscle building progress.
  • Done-for-you AMP'd Cardio prescription to AMPlify muscle gains.
  • Done-for-you Muscle Meals to fuel your muscular and aesthetic physique.
  • Supplement Guide to save you money.
It couldn’t get any more simple. But this doesn’t mean that it’s going to be easy.

Building a ROCK HARD chiseled body is going to take hard work and dedication on your part. You’ll need to give your very best effort while striving for your true potential.

Don’t worry. You have what it takes. Plus, I’m here to guide you and support you every step of the way.

So let’s do this together and show the world what you’re made of!
We’re In This Together…
Get Ready To Carve Out Your BEST Body EVER!
It is my ultimate purpose to not only help you build your BEST body EVER, but to share and enjoy the experience with you.

I would be honored to begin that experience with you today!

I am 100% committed to your success.

Frankly, I’m beyond excited to see the mind blowing results that you’ll experience while following the Aesthetic Muscle Plan.

With me as your coach, I’m expecting that you’ll even exceed the results that I’ve personally achieved.

- Scott Tousignant
Q: What is The Aesthetic Muscle Plan and why is it the BEST for helping men over 40 build muscle? 

The Aesthetic Muscle Plan is strategically designed to maximize your muscular potential. The structure of each workout will take the guess work out of your training while the variety adds excitement to each session.

AMP applies a synergistic combination of exercises and protocol with a focus on developing spectacular symmetry and ideal proportions. Creating a finished and polished look that makes you look much more muscular.

Q: Is this program ideal for me? 

If you're a bro over 40 who wants to maximize your muscle building potential and look 10, 20, even 30 pounds more muscular... then ABSOLUTELY The Aesthetic Muscle Plan is for you!

Q: Is this program for men, women, or both? 

The Aesthetic Muscle Plan is designed for men over 40.

Q: Is this a muscle building program or fat loss program? 

The Aesthetic Muscle Plan is strategically designed to build muscle with bare minimal fat gain.

Q: Do I need a gym membership to participate in the program? 

The Aesthetic Muscle Plan is designed to be used in a gym or a very well equipped home gym.

Q: Will this program work for men over 50? 

Absolutely! There are many men over the age of 50 who have been experiencing fantastic results from the Aesthetic Muscle Plan. You're never to old to transform your body and get in the best shape of your life.

Q: Is this program suitable for a beginner? 

No. The Aesthetic Muscle Plan is designed for experienced intermediate and advanced lifters.

Q: Is the program available on dvd or hard copy book? 

There is no hard copy or dvd. This is a downloadable program, which includes ebook in Adobe acrobat PDF format, audios in mp3 format, and online videos, which you can download to your computer or iPod.

Q: Is it safe to order this program online? 

Yes, the checkout page is on a secure server.

Q: What if it doesn't work for me? 

If for any reason at all you do not feel that this program is for you within the first 60 days, we will send you a prompt, no questions asked refund. We stand behind our program 100% and your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us.

Q: What if I have questions or need help? 

We are hear to answer your questions and provide you with support every step of the way. We want to share in your journey and play a big role in your success. We love to interact with our customers.

Q: How do I order the program? 

The fastest way to get the program is on the order page above. 

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